Exploring Medical & Health Careers

Health care occupations are expected to grow 16% over the next decade, much faster than the average for all occupations.

Ideas for helping K-12 students pursue medical/health careers:

  • Encourage students to take exploratory classes or tracks.
  • Arrange job shadows or observations.
  • Encourage math all four years of high school; statistics is great prep for any STEM career!
  • Encourage volunteering and involvement in student organizations.
  • When they are looking for a higher education option, encourage them to do a campus visit and to ask about laboratories, undergraduate research opportunities, internships, clinical experience and other student experiences.

  • Encourage students who want a stable career or want to pick where they live to consider a health career.
  • Invite guest speakers to talk about their path/career.
  • Share the message that health careers require a wide variety of preparation from a certificate after high school through PhD programs.
  • Remind students that it's ok not to know exactly what you want to do; there is time to explore and change your mind in community college and at university.
  • Encourage students who want to help people or make the world a better place to think about health careers.
A UNI student working with a senior patient on strength building exercises.