Win-Win - Peer Advisors aid fellow students and gain experience.

Briyana Carter is a UNI Biology Major, who loves math and helping people.  She wants to be a forensic scientist and a professor.  At first, she saw Peer Advising more like an extracurricular activity than as a job.  It’s a bit of both. 

As a Peer Advisor, Briyana attends her own professional development class with the other Peer Advisors and Peer Mentors.  She also participants in weekly Freshman workshops (on time management and study skills) and then meets with the students who want to spend a little more time on that week’s topic.  Students can also come to her to discuss their major options, figure out which classes to take  or when to take specific classes, or figure out how to add or drop a class. 

Transfer students are not new to college but they are new to UNI.  As a transfer student herself, Briyana can help other transfers navigate the UNI experience. 

Being a Peer Advisor has helped Briyana discover her own academic path and share her passion and skills.  She enjoys getting to know and network with people from all across campus.  Her advice to students interested in becoming a peer advisor is to “build relationships, network, meet your professors”.  Her advice to younger students interested in pursuing a STEM careers is to stick with it, give lots of different things a try, try them all and you will find what you like.  Also, learn how to study because every field is different.  It might take some time and work it is worth the investment.

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